Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Services

Focus on Money in the form of many large bills with a calculator

Many small businesses experience inadequate or lackluster accounting and bookkeeping competencies either internally or with their current providers.  Armed with decades of CFO level skills and expertise, along with teams of finance and accounting professionals (from accountant to controller), ABS has a small but strong team of accounting and finance leaders.  These leaders decided that offering a higher level of quality and competency in the accounting and bookkeeping arena is something highly coveted by today’s small business owners and leaders.

Realizing that one of the most persistently overlooked needs of a small business is having books that are clean, accurate, timely, and meaningful, ABS is excited to introduce its cavalry of high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services.  Small businesses interested in high-quality yet affordable bookkeeping services need look no further than ABS.

The “ABS way” of accounting is to provide specialized focus on cash controls and internal audits, fraud detection and prevention, preparation of clean records for smooth and accurate tax returns, and analysis and insights of company balance sheets and cash flow statements.

From streamlining and automating the monthly and year-end accounting closes, to installing processes and checklists for simple maintenance of squeaky-clean general ledgers, ABS sees its infusion of accounting leadership and technical expertise into small businesses as a very attractive alternative in covering any and all of their financial, accounting and bookkeeping needs.