CFO Services

ABS focuses on next-level profitability.  Our expertise centers on small business EARNINGS, GROWTH, and VALUE.

As your Strategic CFO, we work alongside the business. Do a financial workout with you.  Create a restructure plan or turnaround plan.  Build your next level growth strategy.  Overhaul your business plan to address operating losses.  Implement sales metrics, KPIs, performance management scorecards.  Analyze ROI for capital investments, hiring staff, expanding the business. A part-time or project Strategic CFO to work with you, to work out your company strategy.  CFOs are seeing an increasing for cash growth and cash acquisition strategies.  Client expectations can met using CFO expertise in areas such as:

  • Revenue and profit projections – 3-year cash flow projections based on revenue “top line”, profit “bottom line” forecasts. Compare against industry benchmarks and key competitors. For high growth companies, to measure and track the business based on worst-case and best-case future sales scenarios.
  • Time-sensitive cash models – in two weeks or less, review and vet existing projections and financial models. Build reliable and credible projections.  Produce deliverables necessary to complete financing and sales transactions.   Emergency funding, hard money and bridge loans require good projections in order to get your request for more $$ approved.
  • Capital raising – bank loans, lines of credit, repair business credit. Lender advocate and liaison.  Investor and roadshow presentations.  For companies seeking additional funding, but need expertise for investor presentations, lender advocacy, loan request packages, to get the “yes” answer on requests for more capital.  Including startup capital, SBA lending.

Other CFO Services include:

Corporate strategy • business plans and profit models • startups • CEO/CFO partner

P&Ls • Annual budgets • accounting cleanup • forensic audits • business turnarounds

Tax strategy and savings

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