ABS and the Community

ABS is keenly focused on cultivating high-quality partnerships in the community. Poke your head into a small business in the San Fernando Valley, and you will most likely spot an ABS business partner. ABS is a staunch supporter of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.  Officially called the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, ABS is deeply involved in membership development and support.  As a member of its Board of Directors, and currently serving as the Executive Adviser to the Board, ABS actively supports the Chamber’s commitment to providing programs and services to support success and community engagement of local businesses in the San Fernando Valley.  The Chamber provides the tools necessary to enhance businesses inside and outside the “Valley”, while at the same time contributing to the economic vitality of the community.

As a founding member and serving on the Executive Board, ABS is actively involved in the Los Angeles CFO Leadership Council.  Launched in January of 2016, the Los Angeles Chapter focuses on empowering CFOs by allowing them to grow and expand their roles within a diversity of industries.  The Council boasts a broad spectrum of representation and networking options.  The member population  encompasses growing areas such as technology, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, media, and communications.

Elected for a Board Director seat with Imperium Holding Corporation (IHC), ABS is playing a key role in helping IHC become one of the largest healthcare holding corporations in America by geometric growth through acquisition.  IHC was formed to truly make a difference in industries that exist to improve the lives of people.  This starts with its focus on mature fragmented outpatient healthcare industries such as Dialysis Centers, Long Term Care, Hospice, Treatment Centers and Medical Transportation companies.

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