Followers are focused on problems. Leaders are focused on solutions. At Arima Business Solutions, Jon Arima and Jason McFaul are dedicated to infusing small businesses with solution-based strategies. The goal is simple: Create high-quality partnerships, one caring relationship at a time.

Jon S. Arima — President and CEO

Style: "Poms-David"As a CFO and senior finance, accounting, and operations executive, Jon Arima has built a career underscored by significant contributions in generating strong top-line and bottom-line results. With a penchant for overcoming obstacles to strengthen financial and operational outcomes, Jon has repeatedly addressed fundamental business challenges of transition, complexity, and growth. In turnaround roles as CFO and SVP—Finance, Treasury of Operations, his companies realized remarkable financial improvements as evidenced by revenues tripling and EBITDA increasing 400%.

Some of Jon’s most compelling valuables include creating financial transparency; strengthening cash flow through senior, subordinated and unsecured debt, revolving lines of credit, and working capital financing; executing acquisitions and divestitures; opening and expanding Corporate and branch locations; and leading Board presentations and improving Board relations. Particularly interested in resolving financial talent and resource gaps by recruiting and developing people, Jon boasts a list of over 50 professionals that he has mentored into becoming successful executives, directors, senior managers, and analysts.

Jon currently serves as a founding board executive and steering committee member of the LA Chapter of the CFO Leadership Council, is a major owner, shareholder, and Board executive for Gruber Systems, Inc., and is Executive Producer of a trilogy of motion picture films that will have the second and third movies released in the Spring and Fall of 2017.

Jon’s hobbies include watching college football—especially the Nebraska Cornhuskers—listening to all forms of stand-up comedy, playing with his two small dogs Goofy and Mia, and reading and sharing online articles on personal development and leadership.

Jason D. McFaul — Executive Vice President


Jason McFaul has over 20 years’ experience as a professor at seven universities, colleges, and higher-education organizations. He has authored 4 textbooks, including Critical Thinking: A Shepherd’s Guide to Tending Sheep, which is now in its 2nd Edition. He has traveled to more than 40 countries, and in 2014 he was ranked #1 in the USA (40-44 Age Group) in Ironman Triathlon.

Jason advances many of ABS’ services. Among the most vital is content creation. This includes website content, blog posts, social-media management, public relations/press releases, proposals, corporate literature, business writing, ghostwriting, and editing.  Each of these is examined within the context of marketing, specifically considering what is best for the company and its brand.

As a “Top 10” acquisitions executive for 5 consecutive years in the Publishing industry, and as an entrepreneur who, on a dare, hired and trained over 200 sales people and had them generate over $160,000 of organic, new business within 4 months, he brings a powerfully diverse skill-set to the table. Jason is a founding member of ABS, and his strengths as a pragmatic, proactive, and reactive business leader make him an indispensable thought partner and collaborator with Jon.

Jason’s hobbies include language acquisition—Romance languages and Japanese—traveling off-continent (even if it’s just for a weekend), spending time with his dog Kona, and studying top performance and lifestyle design, especially as they pertain to legacy.