ABS is keenly focused on cultivating high-quality partnerships in the community. Poke your head into a small business in the San Fernando Valley, and you will most likely spot an ABS team member. Whether it is the SBA, the local Chamber of Commerce, the CFO Leadership Council (LA Chapter), or the CSUN Alumni and Student/Athlete associations, say hi to ABS and we will welcome you for some coffee or chit-chat. You may also see ABS in the Chino Hills, Irvine, and San Diego stomping grounds, giving lectures at Mt. San Antonio College, joining a marathon or two, or competing in triathlons.

ABS is a proud sponsor of the American Cancer Society, Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and the West Valley Animal Shelter. Additionally, ABS has started its exclusive ABS Champions group. Ask about becoming an ABS Champion, and join us for many scheduled ABS community activities already planned for this year! Help us find ways to donate our time and money as we help do our part in making communities bond and flourish!

ABS is well aware that the pace of new startups and small businesses is slowing, and that this hinders job creation for the middle class in a big way. From 1977 to today, startups (1 year or less) have fallen from being 8% of all companies to 2% (3 million jobs). ABS wants to be at the forefront of creating jobs for the middle class by helping small businesses achieve the goals they are working so hard to attain. The community needs all small businesses to help make a difference, and ABS is leading the way.