The ABS Strategy

Growing businesses, from start-ups to mature, reach the stage where they need experienced financial resources without the need for a full-time CFO or Controller. This is understandable.  Instead of $175,000-$250,000 per year, use our superior part-time CFO services for a fraction of the cost.  No long-term budget commitment.  Flexible week-to-week consulting to provide just enough time for the guaranteed benefits you need.  Secure the highest level of CFO expertise for the cost of a bookkeeper.

“What do you do?”

We Specialize in:

Corporate strategy • business plans and profit models • startups • strategic CFO

P&Ls • annual budgets • cash flow projections • accounting cleanup • forensic audits

business turnarounds • raising capital • business loans and credit lines • tax strategy

“Can you explain the Consulting CFO service model in a way I can understand?”

Beyond general accounting and bookkeeping, an experienced CFO will help all aspects of your business, from vision and strategy to all the details to accomplish the work.  Great CFOs simply get the work done.  No matter how complex the issue or how messy the situation, we can fix and improve it. Full time, part time, interim or project basis, we grow revenues, reduce costs, streamline operations, get a handle on cash flow, create financial controls, and increase your bottom line. Bring us in and we guarantee outcomes you never thought were possible.

“If I do decide to use your services, what can I expect?”

We work on or off-site based on your preferences which makes it easy for us to save you money no matter where you are.  We can be partners or coaches to existing staff, or we can fill in as a competent accounting and finance department.

“In a nutshell, describe how your services can truly make a difference?”

Time.  Money.  Stress. We target your biggest issues

ABS tackles time consuming and energy draining areas such as systems, operations, finance, accounting. bookkeeping, HR, payroll, allowing you to focus on sales, clients, and running your business.

ABS resolves cash and working capital problems typified by struggles to meet payroll, lease and tax payments, low running cash balances, operating losses, inability to fund growth or raise capital, interest and late payments.

ABS stabilizes the accounting back office, then installs sound, compelling financial strategies that successful small businesses depend on to grow profitably.

“What are your major competitive strengths?”

Like a doctor, we can diagnose and treat small business symptoms.

An interesting way to think about treating small business financial ailments, is to associate the process with the process of thinking about when you are due for your regular doctor check-up.

Like a doctor, a CFO management consultant can look at specific symptoms to determine if a small business is overdue for a check-up.  We have created another checklist for you, which identifies the most serious and persistent symptoms facing many small businesses.  If your small business shows any of these symptoms, they can be looked at by a trustworthy and dependable CFO consultant.