Man making a move in a game of chess knocking over a chess piece with a pawn that he is holding in his hand, close up view of the chess board

“What do you do?”

We provide website development, social media, and creative content marketing, as well as CFO services and outsourced accounting, operational improvement, and bookkeeping services for small businesses interested in taking their sales growth and profits to the next level.

“What business are you in?”

ABS specializes in a full range of services most needed by small businesses.  From digital marketing services to promote small business brand recognition and credibility, to a wide array of business management consulting in the areas of CFO, finance and accounting, operational and accounting services, taxes and outsourced bookkeeping.  This breadth and depth of offerings allows ABS to surround its clients with 360-degree solutions. We offer original content for articles and blog posts to educate and inspire the online community.  Our best-in-class websites and social media marketing ecosystems drive small businesses to new levels of growth and profitability.  Our cutting edge professional services include business writing and editing for bid proposals and sales presentations.  We provide outsourced accounting expertise to analyze your financial statements and management reports, and bookkeeping services to ensure clean and compliant books and records at all times.  Our CFO services are many, but here a few: bank and credit relations, loan requests and covenants, management Dashboards and Scorecards, business plans and strategy documents, and cash flow projections.  ABS provides end-to-end solutions for small businesses.

“Business Philosophy: What is important to you in business?”

The ABS philosophy is represented by the ABS Credo: ‘Authentic, Trustworthy, and Capable. That’s ABS!’ By living this credo, ABS is able to retain the finest, most talented people, who are passionate about solving the biggest problems that our clients face.

“Describe your industry. Is it a growth industry? What changes do you foresee in the industry, short term and long term? How will your company be poised to take advantage of them?”

We are in the consulting industry for small businesses. Many headwinds, the stronger economy, the increased demand for quality of life provided by a consulting career, have created an influx of top-shelf talent that consulting firms can deploy for cost-effective client solutions. Companies today are embracing the flexible, low-commitment consulting model over full-time and permanent staffing alternatives. The Internet and digital marketing create high-margin opportunities for business consultants who, in turn, can provide solutions for cost-conscious businesses that need an edge against fierce competition.

“Describe your most important company strengths and core competencies. What factors will make the company succeed?”

The hallmark of the ABS skill set is its ability to provide a full spectrum of solutions demanded by small businesses.  Armed with a remarkable breadth of marketing and digital branding expertise, CFO, management consulting, operational improvement, financial and bookkeeping services, small businesses can now get it all—under one roof!  Finance consultants often do strictly finance while marketing firms focus mainly on sales and branding.  The best solutions are balanced solutions that examine not just one, but all of the key areas that are important to the business owner.  This 360-degree approach allows small businesses to have an affordable ‘one-stop’ company that can respond to not just one but all of the critical areas of their business.   ABS is a small business for small businesses, catering to start-ups— small and mid-market companies in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Southern California.

“What are your major competitive strengths?”

We are less concerned about what products we can pitch, and more concerned about solving problems for our clients.

The ABS secret sauce of success starts and ends with our people. We attract the best people by living our core values each day. Our team is committed to bringing a caring, trustworthy, and creative approach to all of our clients.