The ABS Story

Arima Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS) was formed in 2016 by Jon Arima. For over 20 years Jon’s career was as a stand alone CFO, Treasurer, Controller, and operations executive for mid-market and Fortune 500 companies.  Many who know Jon understandably agreed that going into entrepreneurship to start a management consulting firm appeared to be a risky and dramatic career change. 

But the pull Jon felt towards helping small businesses address their most top of mind problems was great.  That pull, along with the notion that deeper connections with the business community would allow Jon and ABS to make a bigger difference to many people, made this change a decisively correct one (at least in Jon’s mind).  Jon saw a need in the small business market for affordable CFO services that are effective.  Whether it is to turn around their business to become cash flow positive, or to help take their business to the next level of growth, Jon saw real opportunities to provide tangible results using his array of skills and experience  built by working at large and mid-sized corporations.  To grow ABS, an arsenal of finance and accounting experts were recruited, and many complementary strategic alliances were formed.   This was done to ensure ABS could provide one-stop place to address most of the uniquely different challenges small businesses face.  And by  having this “bench strength”, ABS now has the depth and reach to resolve the many problems for the many small businesses we serve.  After Jon reflects on his career, which by all measures has been one of good fortune and success, he is filled with gratitude.  However, ABS is a wonderful journey that brings together his talents and the talents of experienced consultants and key business partners.  This is how ABS is able to share its vision – by improving the lives of people, one caring relationship at a time.