The Three Biggest Problems Facing Today’s Small Businesses

not enough cash flow • too much stress and anxiety • not enough free time

We had previously introduced to you the idea that time, money, and stress, represents the most persistent problems facing small businesses today.  To expand further on this notion, and to accept the fact that no two small businesses are the same, it is important to isolate where, and to what degree, time, money and stress issues have infiltrated your small business.

We created a checklist, so that small businesses can “self-assess” whether problems related to time, money, or stress applies a lot, a little, or not at all to your situation.

The checklist items start with “I am having problems with …”

  • getting some outside expertise and resources which will allow me to focus on sales, new services, new customers and other priorities, instead of other things that often sidetrack me.
  • gaining a better understanding of the financial side of my business, to know the truth about my business finances so I can make better decisions, while eliminating unwelcome “surprises” caused by relying on inaccurate, unreliable, late, incomplete or misleading financial information.
  • finding a business partner that can serve as a sounding board or second set of eyes, one who will give honest feedback on my business, good or bad.
  • having a safety net or warm fuzzy blanket, to give me peace of mind. For example, a CFO that is “on call” to periodically check your numbers and advise you of problems before they happen.
  • improving my credibility with stakeholders, investors, management and staff. To have them trust that I have a confident grip on my financials.
  • installing, quickly and easily, a system of checks and balances, to monitor and protect my cash always. To minimize the risks of dishonesty, fraud, waste and harmful mistakes.
  • automating my back office, to improve profit margins while reducing time wasted on the day-to-day.

To learn more about our affordable, flexible, part-time consulting services, or to get a free CFO review of your financials, call Arima Business Solutions today.

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