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Arima Business Solutions (ABS) is pleased to announce the launch of its Accounting and Bookkeeping services for small businesses.  Realizing that one of the most persistently overlooked needs of a small business is having books that are clean, accurate, timely and meaningful, ABS is excited to introduce its cavalry of high quality accounting and bookkeeping services.

“The timing is perfect to offer these services to the many small businesses that need affordable yet competent expertise in this area,” states Jon Arima, President of Arima Business Solutions, Inc.

“Bookkeeping services round out our suite of financial solutions to our clients, and this makes us (and our clients!) happy.”

ABS, known for its premier offerings of CFO and financial analytics services, is now able to fill the entire suite of accounting and finance responsibilities, from CFO strategies and treasury management to the offering of outsourced bookkeeping.  The “ABS way” of accounting is to provide specialized focus on cash controls and internal audits, fraud detection and prevention, preparation of clean records for smooth and accurate tax returns, and analysis and insights of company balance sheets and cash flow statements.

From streamlining and automating the monthly and year-end accounting closes to installing processes and checklists for simple maintenance of squeaky-clean general ledgers, ABS is confident that its infusion of accounting leadership and technical expertise will become a very attractive alternative for small businesses.  For more information on ABS Accounting and Bookkeeping services, contact us at, or call us at 818-710-3899.

About Arima Business Solutions:

ABS is a business management consulting firm located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley (SFV).  ABS specializes in small business management, financial and marketing excellence, solving problems for owners and stakeholders.  With a deep set of skills and know how on running the financial, operational and marketing areas of a small business, ABS is uniquely equipped to provide 360-degrees of client service.  A one-stop, end-to-end solutions provider that tackles the most urgent issues facing a business.  Finance consultants often do strictly finance while marketing firms focus mainly on sales and branding.  The best solutions are balanced solutions, that examine not just one, but all of the key areas that are important to the business.

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