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Is your website tired? Is your content relevant? Are you in need of first-rate business management, finance, or bookkeeping expertise? Do you need CFO Services? It is important to consider whether you are the chess piece or the chess player. ABS provides 360-degree strategies and solutions for every small business.

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Daily Inspiration


Jon Arima and ABS have been instrumental in helping esablish our VSP Product Placement Program for preferred retailers across North America. We looked at many other companies to fill this critical role of retail financing executive, and we selected Jon and ABS due to the minimal paperwork requirements and the expedited financing streams they provided us. It is incredible! Having a partner like Arima Business Solutions, Inc. has allowed us to grow fast, allowed us to gain market share, and allowed us to add dealers daily. Jon and his ABS team have their fingers very firmly on the business pulse and offer great insight into trends and “hot topics” pertinent to the finance market.

—John V., CEO, V Power Energy, Inc.

As a major shareholder of Gruber Systems, Inc., Jon Arima has participated in both the quarterly Board of Directors meetings and the annual shareholder meeting for several years. His insights from a business, finance, operations, and insurance perspective have been of great value to the Board the the organization. Our company very much appreciates Jon and the talented resources at Arima Business Solutions, and we rely on their executive level insights in many areas, including Board relations, EBITDA forecasting, ESOP and 401k plan administration, and insights and analysis of our financial statements. What an asset to our organization!

—John H., CEO/Chairman of the Board, Gruber Systems, Inc.